What we do

For a user

We enable people to share experiences they had with providers online. These shared experiences are published publically for others to see and thus help them find good providers and warn them against the not-so-good ones.

Every experience counts. By sharing an experience, we assist customers to connect and communicate with businesses to solve issues, implement business improvements and inform the right people in the business about employee behaviour; enabling business to do the necessary training or reward employees that deserve it.

Ultimately to improve everyone’s next experience with a provider.

For a business

We assist businesses to collect & motivate customer feedback in the form of shared experiences, by using various social media and communication channels.

The platform extracts qualitative data from these experiences and converts it into knowledge (using technology and customer satisfaction methodology) that is readily available for a business through an easy-to-use dashboard; making it up-to-date & true business intelligence.

This in turn enables a business to respond immediately to customer comments (in real-time and improve continuously to satisfy the ever-changing needs of customers, per branch.

VavaVox for a Business or Company