What others will see:

Mobile friendly, customer
feedback, always available.

Enrich your data by adding survey questions to your feedback page.

Your clients have the option
to stay anonymous
but at the same time remain credible as all users need to log in with their confirmed username.

Ability to respond to all customer feedback via one secure and private platform with an option to reply publically once per review.

Respond in real-time to customer feedback.

With the option of replying to a shared experience in public you are able to strengthen your brand.

Your Company Dashboard

Monitor customer loyalty and satisfaction trends per branch through the world renowned Net Promoter
Score calculation.

Open-ended feedback gives your customers the ability to convey the true message compared to a survey with pre-prompted questions.

Social media integrated, helping you to populate your social pages.

Track and record all customer compliments and complaints without someone hiding it under the rug.

What you will see:

Shared experiences need to pass through a series of algorithms and filters to ensure the experiences are unbiased and trustworthy.

Monitor customer loyalty
and satisfaction trends per branch
through the world renowned Net Promoter Score calculation.

No third party consultant needed, your brand and customer interactions are done internally, making it
easy to resolve issues and implement new business ideas in real-time.

Detailed analytics on key value propositions for your business - customised for your business and industry.

Run customised campaigns to enrich your knowledge about your customers needs. VavaVox is able to assist or entirely manage campaigns to effectively ask the right questions.

Company Profile

Nominate representatives via email to represent your branch by replying to customer experiences and track the analytics.

Encourage, remind and prompt your clients to give feedback via our easy-to-use online poking mechanisms and customisable branding.

Make it easy for your customers to share their experiences (Twitter, Facebook, Email, WhatsApp) while you have the luxury of managing all the feedback through one secure and private dashboard.

Respond in real-time to customer feedback.

Feedback options include:

  • Customer driven feedback = Always available, online and mobile friendly. Via WhatsApp, Twitter, Web, Facebook & QR Codes

  • Company driven feedback = Poke your customers for feedback based on pre-set triggers. Via Emails & Web

  • Campaign driven feedback = Similar to customer driven feedback except you prompt customers to give you feedback about a specific need you have. (e.g.. How was your waiter tonight?, rate our new Barbeque Sauce, ...)

See compare Dashboard in action:

Effortlessly compare data between branch, events or customised category -
in real-time.

Companies Profile

Dedicated support line for business owners, with a premium ticketing system allow you to experience world class support and technical assistance 7 days a week.

Encrypted password protection and many other security features ensures your data and private information is secure.